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Building The BeefPool.net Ethereum Mining Pool

*The Ethereum Foundation have announced a bounty for someone to provide some open source mining pool software. I’ll wait until this is available, unless on the very slight chance I do get the grant* – see An Open Source Mining … Continue reading

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Using Redis For An Ethereum Mining Pool

Redis [redis.io] is an in-memory data structure storage database. Redis supports data structures such as hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets with range queries. Redis also provides a PUB/SUB messaging system. I’ve been using Redis to store and process the data … Continue reading

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January 2016

Featured Fossil – Brachiopods and Trilobites Pictured is a small section of the layer of rock displaying a lot of brachiopods, trilobites and traces of other strange sea creatures on the top of a weathered hill near Adels Grove, north-west … Continue reading

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