Ticks In Australia – Latest Advice


I was bitten by a tick about three years ago while on a field trip at the Riversleigh fossil site in north-west Queensland. A slight scabby sore remained for a few years in the area where I was bitten by the tick. While the sore has now healed, a small bump is still visible at the bite site.

I am currently holidaying at my fishing shack at the Hawkesbury River (view from the cliff tops in the banner above) and had to prepare for the ticks (along with the bull sharks, venomous spiders and snakes, leeches, mosquitoes, bull ants, rockfalls, floods, bushfire and other potential catastrophes) around this area.

The University of New South Wales issued an email with the latest advice for managing tick bites a few weeks ago – I have reproduced it below:


The links referred to in the slide above are:

Mammalian Meat Allergy is apparently on the rise in Australia. Also, Australian doctors divided over Lyme disease diagnoses [smh.com.au, 07/06/2015]. I’ll have to fear these little ticks.

I ended up purchasing a can of Warties at the local pharmacy for this holiday for my first aid kit, and am lucky I have not been bitten by a tick yet this holiday.

I’ll still have to keep a lookout for the bull sharks while fishing and mud-crabbing (Fisherman lands 250-kilogram bull shark in Hastings Rivers [smh.com.au, 14/12/2015], More than 60 sharks sighted in NSW in the past 48 hours [abc.net.au, 30/12/2015]).

Note that I am not medically trained – seek professional advice if you need it.

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