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March 2016

Featured Fossil – Dinosaur Footprint @ Winton, Queensland Pictured is a “true track” trace fossil of a dinosaur footprint showing the three forward toes of a medium sized theropod dinosaur from the mid-Cretaceous period, around 93 million years ago. Visit … Continue reading

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Building The Ethereum Mining Pool

*The Ethereum Foundation have announced a bounty for someone to provide some open source mining pool software. I’ll wait until this is available, unless on the very slight chance I do get the grant* – see An Open Source Mining … Continue reading

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How To Convert Your Hard Earned Cash Into Virtual Ethers (How To Buy Ethers)

Originally published 12/03/2016. Updated 29/03/2016 with minor changes. Where and how can you buy ethers? The easiest way to convert your cash into ethers is to purchase Bitcoins and convert these on an exchange into ethers. This post just provides you with … Continue reading

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Using Redis For An Ethereum Mining Pool

Redis [] is an in-memory data structure storage database. Redis supports data structures such as hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets with range queries. Redis also provides a PUB/SUB messaging system. I’ve been using Redis to store and process the data … Continue reading

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Ethereum Resources

Here is a list of Ethereum resources, which will be better organised when I get around to it. Ethereum Go client installation instructions: Mac: Windows: Ubuntu Linux:

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Ethereum – Introduction For Software Developers

I was talking to a colleague this morning and he was quite excited over the ETH/USDT chart on the main Ethereum exchange Poloniex, drawing imaginary lines while describing his trading strategies for ethers, include options positions. But he had not … Continue reading

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